What is good coffee?

Originally posted at Coffee Bean Junkie Blog. See the full article HERE. “I am a firm believer that every coffee drinker should drink good coffee. The problem is, though, defining good coffee. Is… Continue reading

A long black with a dash of milk and 1.5 equals. Because it’s like half tea/ half coffee. Kind of.. – Rojan

Cap with no sugar- because it’s the easiest to order. – Brooke

Skim cap. Because it tastes good. – Anna

A cap with 2 sugars. Because it’s the daily routine. – Lauren

A caramel latte. Because clearly, I need it. -Hannah

A large cap. To get shit done. – Pete

Latte with one. From Bellissimo Coffee – literally the best coffee shop in the world! -Ellie

A cap with no sugar. The joy of chocolate. -Sami

A latte with about three sugars. Because I can;t have chocolate for breakfast. That was lame, wasn’t it? – Samara #DailyGrind